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Revolutionise Sports Through AI

Qwinn powers our AI tools and models to place sport under a new lens and enable new experiences for fans.


Artificial Intelligence From Stats Perform


As the needs of the modern sports fan shifts, the pressure on those producing sports content increases.

Our Qwinn AI capabilities uniquely position us to drive our industry forward. We take the richest live data in sport, the deepest historical database and partnerships with the leading federations and feed them through Qwinn to produce more outputs, enable personalised experiences, surface truly unique insights and connect fans to the content right for them.

03:52 Stats Perform’s Artificial Intelligence Team
00:02:12 How The Orlando Magic prepare for the NBA Draft with AutoStats and Stats Perform
04:05 Stats Perform’s SportVU Technology
Play Stats Perform's Artificial Intelligence Team
Stats Perform's Artificial Intelligence Team (03:52)
Play Stats Perform's SportVU Technology
Stats Perform's SportVU Technology (04:05)

The Emergence of AI in Sport

Stats Perform have been collecting sports data for nearly 40 years and have built the world’s deepest and richest sports database. We have reshaped how fans watch sports, by taking simple data points such as shots, passes and tackles and converting those moments into engaging stories.

Qwinn represents a quantum leap AI analytics which will be applicable across all sports and allow us to bring storytelling in sport to the next level.

As we identify new data points through tracking, new outputs through AI and create new experiences through voice, VR and AR technologies, we’ll breach the next era in fan engagement

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Qwinn in Action

Imagine being able to track player position direct from broadcast, automate match content so that your editorial staff can focus on higher-value stories or identify future stars.

Qwinn works across our full suite of products to surface the stories that truly matter.

  • AI in Fan Engagement – From the first broadcast-based player tracking solution to automated match previews and player bios, find out how we’re transforming fan engagement through AI.
  • AI In Team Performance – Performance analysis, player recruitment and long-term strategic planning are all increasingly dependent on AI capabilities.
  • AI In Betting – Engaging, Personalised Fantasy Recaps and predictive data are just two of the ways the betting industry is being reshaped by AI.

Responding to the Challenges of Modern Sports Media

Qwinn AI Solutions

Qwinn is Artificial intelligence in Sport

What could our Qwinn AI solutions unlock for you?

Learn more about Stats Perform’s AI-powered solutions.