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Enhancing Live Player Monitoring Across Your Club

Through next generation wearables technology, fitness coaches and sport scientists are able to monitor the physical performance of players in real-time. Used in conjunction with innovative data visualisation software, Stats Perform is providing clubs with a comprehensive resource for intelligently managing player load, both at the training ground and on match day.


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Introducing Football’s Most Powerful Wearable System

Our latest generation wearable delivers stable and unrivalled long-range capability, thanks to patented and proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is compatible with PC and iPad. The wearable uses 50-Hz sampling and is the first solution to utilise all four major global satellites, without reducing frequency: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia) BEIDOU (China) and GALILEO (Europe).

With 360-degree coverage and a range of up to 200 metres, the wearable system has the flexibility to meet all user configurations and delivers detailed post-session reports for every player by the time they’ve left the pitch and returned to the dressing room.

04:19 Paolo Rongoni on Stats Perform Wearables
01:31 Catalan TV station reports on RCD Espanyol using Stats Perform Wearables
Play Paolo Rongoni on Stats Perform Wearables
Paolo Rongoni on Stats Perform Wearables (04:19)
Play Catalan TV station reports on RCD Espanyol using Stats Perform Wearables
Catalan TV station reports on RCD Espanyol using Stats Perform Wearables (01:31)


K-AI Wearable Tech

Certified by FIFA for use in game, the K-AI Wearable Tech is the smallest and least intrusive device available in elite football. The wearable system also includes patented smart vests, which have Electrocardiogram and heart-rate sensors woven into the fabric. This creates a comfortable, high-performance fit without the need for heart-rate belts or other equipment.

Data captured from wearable devices can then be visualised within Dynamix, a secure, cloud-based platform. The software provides custom, automated reports that monitor individual and team thresholds, as well as various player, positional, team and league comparisons.


Wearable Data Put to Work

Dynamix is being used by over 300 professional clubs around the world to review performance outputs, captured from wearable and tracking systems, on a daily basis to help optimise conditioning of every player in a squad.

  • Analyse performance data captured from your existing GPS and tracking provider
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Customisable performance thresholds & metrics
  • Monitoring of each player’s acute:chronic workload ratio
  • Player and competition comparisons
  • Automated report generation


Let’s Talk About Player And Team Performance

Find out how our revolutionary software systems can provide deeper data and better guidance for your team.