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Betting Engagement

Entertain bettors with contextual live scores, stats and insight to keep them on-site, follow the progress of their bets and help them make fast betting decisions.

Making Betting More Entertaining for Millions of Sports Fans

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Stats Perform offers hundreds of captivating products to engage and entertain sports bettors, including many for the World Cup, powered by our famous Opta brand. Quickly find the best ones for your sportsbook from our specialist range. Check back often to see what’s new!



5 major new products to Light Up Your Sportsbook in 2022

Five game-changing new products that will help you create next-level unique, personalised bettor experiences in 2022. Innovations with simple integrations and potent features, so you can light up your sportsbook for your customers.

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Putting insight at the heart of the sports betting experience

Today’s sports bettor demands a frictionless sports betting experience. Tap into the world’s most extensive and accurate sports database and start driving more entertaining betting today.

This guide outlines the role stats, facts, match trackers and form can play and how you can integrate it into your sports betting experience.

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Create the Ultimate Sports Betting Experiences

The world’s leading sportsbooks and their customers trust Stats Perform to make betting more entertaining.

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